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Ice Cream Sandwiches, Reimagined


The Original Wafflepod


Combining the warmth and crispness of a fresh waffle, with COLD creamy ice cream, The Wafflepod is a unique bite unlike any frozen treat you've had before!

The Wafflepod is a first of its kind premium ice cream sandwich, served WARM


​How do we make a Wafflepod? We start with 2 bakery-fresh waffles, and add a large scoop of the ice cream of your choice.


Our special Wafflepod-maker heats, presses, and seals your ingredients into your very own one of a kind Wafflepod!


You Choose the ice cream, and Wafflepod will do the rest.           

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Coffee

Wafflepod Gif.gif
Chocolate Ice Cream Scoop

A HOT and COLD bite all in one!


Order from our online store today! 

*Please note due to the dry ice shortage, we're unable to ship orders at this time.


-Orders can be picked up from our Norwalk, CT address. Or, if you're within 10 miles, delivered for a fee. 


-We're located in the Silvermine section of Norwalk near Graybarns Tavern.

Full address for pickup is provided after check out


We hope to be able to ship orders soon. Stay tuned for updates! 


Check back for our our special seasonal and holiday flavors!


Exciting News! We've partnered with 100 Mile Markets, a local business here in Norwalk that is similar to a digital farmers market! They work with farmers and small food businesses to make high quality, locally sourced food easily available.


You can now order your Wafflepods with the rest of your local goodies. Order online every Monday and pick up on Thursdays at Harbor Harvest in East Norwalk or EcoEvolution in South Norwalk.

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